Vitamix 5200C Review and Rating

Nowadays, people more aware on healthy issues. They would loves to jump into a diet program for healthy reason or just for beauty, like I do. They sure does need to change their menu, the quality and variety of foodstuff they must buy, also the way they process it. Most off people I know were successfully go trough their diet program with more creative on cooking, and they mention about how very helpful it was with their Vitamix 5200C review.

After hear and read so many review about the Vitamix 5200C , I was intrigued, as most people are when they see how the Vitamix can do all those wonderfull job such as making smoothest smoothie, grind flour, or even cook a soup from the friction of the motor. But why it has to be Vitamix 5200C ? Isn’t it every blender with the same horsepower can do that? Why would I spend $500 for just a blender? But, after spending a couple of weeks playing with the Vita-Mix, I’m tempted. Calling this machine as a blender is a disservice to its capability. I should call it a food Terminator! (In a good way). Feel curious! Find out more here! I’m thrilled to tell you more.

Vitamix 5200C Review and Rating


Talking about the machine, Vitamix 5200C has a new and more efficient 2 peak horsepower motor.  This motor specially custom-designed just for Vitamix to run substantially cooler when processing the heavier-than-normal mixtures such as ice cream and peanut butter, two favorite desert. The Vitamix 5200’s container is made of an all-new material just developed by Eastman called Tritan™. Tritan is a non-BPA Copolyester, which is as strong and durable as polycarbonate but healthier and chemical resistance with regards to cleaning compounds. Because polycarbonate risk can be dissolved in to the food by chemical reaction, heating or erotion by the friction, and BPA are known as carcinogenic material. Can you imagine how terrible it will be if those material dissolved in to our food?

There are new functional upgrades and exciting designer. First, the new easy-to-remove lid with “flaps” makes for smoother operation and a new twist-off lid plug to get easier and safer to add ingredients.  What’s great is that the plug (also made of Tritan) is conveniently marked with measurements.  Second, New ergonomical design elements of comfort-grip handle that not only feels good, but looks good, too.  Third, the tamper. Maybe the other horsepower-blender does not include a tamper with their container. But the fact for every blender on the market proved that tamper is necessary.

Because even though the great power going through that machine creating a strong sucking vortex, sometimes it just needs a helping hand to guide stray produce to the blade, and the Vitamix tamper is a pleasure to use. It is designed to be used through the lid opening and there is no worry that the blade will touch it, only stubborn food particles. Fourth, Vitamix 5200 doesn’t equipped with presets program, it still use manual program, in aims to give a wide space for your creativity and experiments. Presets program are for those who stick strictly to printed recipes, not for those out to create their own concoctions.

It is include an on-off switch, a dial to control variable speed and a toggle for switching to High speed. The variable-speed dial is intended for starting thick or hot mixtures, to chop foods or grind meat, and it’s a good way to maintain control over the blending process. Fifth, the switches and dial have been upgraded to a soft-touch look and feel, the label also adds a touch of elegance to the classic Vitamix look. Maybe it is not quite appealing enough to the eye or doesn’t fit your countertops as the other blender might have, but let put it this way: Do you want something that just looks pretty or actually does the job well? Is it ‘fit the counter’ is really substantial standard for a good blender? I don’t think so. I wan’t device that works wonderfull and I still can rest the container right next to the base and it looks just fine.

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The Vitamix 5200c comes with bonus gifts, too.  First, The all-new DVD’s “Let’s Get Started!” cooking class.  You really need a demonstration to understand that this is no basic blender.

The DVD is really enjoyable to watch from start to finish and you can easily access a particularly recipe you would like to see. The recipes are easy and delicious with beautiful and tempting food photos, give you inspirations on plating for special occasion.

Two, the companion of the DVD is all-new cookbook The “Getting Started” guide. The recipes have been updated and improved from the Vitamix test kitchen. Again, you get more gorgeous photos and super-easy instructions for great recipes!

Third, and it haven’t changed is the amazing 7-year performance warranty. Vitamix still absolutely guarantees that your Vitamix 5200C will run like new (under normal household conditions) for 7 full years from the date of purchase. They have an amazing customer service that can “troubleshoot” most everything with you. Even in the unlikely event when repair is needed, Vitamix will fix your machine for free if you are still under your 7-year warranty.

All repair and assembly operations are located at the Vitamix world headquarters in the USA, in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

Popular Mechanics had test 5 blenders including the Vitamix 5200C . The Vitamix completely pulverized ice, leaving beverages such as smoothies completely smooth, and NO CRUNCHY ICE PARTICLES! Whereas, the other blenders left little crunchy particles. The demonstrator had definitely convinced us and it was with great pleasure that we bought this Vitamix. This machine does save your time not only with the time it takes to consume healthy foods, it is also save time in food prep. The good news is, as other people have said, super easy to clean and is a very high quality product.

I used mine everyday and it still work as good as the first time you buy! I’m very satisfied with this product, but yet, after reading this review you may still think that this machine is overpriced, but I have never been more excited about preparing healthy foods and as a Vitamix owners I’m pointed out that it will pay itself off because with regular use there will be no food waste, no more rotting veggie and fruits. I have also found I shop more purposely now for the healthful stuff and less for processed foods. Do you think it’s impossible to use it regularly? Just wait until you taste the dish that Vitamix 5200 can make, You’ll think the way I think. However, you cannot put a price on your health…

Vitamix 5200C Features

  • Powerful 2 peak output horsepower motor propels blades up to 240 mph to blend the toughest ingredient
  • Includes the NEW 48 oz. capacity BPA-free container designed to create a powerful vortex, force ingredients up and back down the center for thorough processing
  • Speeds Variable speed control, tamper, 2 part easy-to-remove lid, efficient 2 peak HP motor
  • $50 bonus gift included in package

Vitamix 5200C – My Opinion

I just simply LOVE this machine! Vitamix 5200c shreds everything you put in it. Very easy to clean, almost nothing sticks to the pitcher! But of course making sticky stuff like peanut butter or hummus will require a help of the temper and a bit more cleaning, but when I am just using veggies or fruit I can just let it works and clean it with just rinse it out with some water. Consider the power, and other people said, it’s not as loud as you believe. It’s a blender, ladies and gentleman. It sounds like a BLENDER, but it works better than everyday blender, I assure you.

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For the record, you have to learn the blender’s speed settings. It doesn’t have automated settings, its just numbers. Because, you know, this is not a basic blender that can only chop and blend. This Vitamix 5200c Blender is a professional blender, fit for restaurant and chef kitchen. Just get comfortable with the way it works and you will be OK. If you are on the fence but can spend the extra dough, do it. If you consider the amount of nutrients you can (comfortably) put into your body using this thing, it really is worth it, again, I assure you. Vita-Mix is a great investment and is powerful and sturdy enough that it will likely be the last blender you buy.

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