Are you excited for summer holiday? I bet, you definitely wanted something to cool you off; besides jump in to the swimming pool! Have you been thinking of some new frozen treats to eat? Already collect frozen concoction recipes? How about creamy fruity Popsicle with extra pieces of fresh fruits? I know many people want treats that not only delicious and refreshing, but also healthy and great fun for kids! It is universally known, besides spiritually healthy, the key to an improved lifestyle is having wholesome foods to keep ourselves fit. Read through this Vitamix 1732 Turboblend VS Blender review to learn how you can make it more joyful.

However, such healthy food often tastes bland! Children often picky on eating fruits and even harder to take green food. If this is your problem, than the only solution is Vitamix 1732 TurboBlend VS Blender. I just simply say that this blender (as most Vitamix blenders) is a very high end product.

You get a lot of versatility thanks to clever design, a powerful motor and a very tough and precise blade. Indeed, this blender can produce great results no matter what task you should have for it, even your kids will love tasting it . This will never happen with your old blender or any ordinary blender, I supposed. They often become a kill-joy.  Read on for a full list of features as well as a complete review.

Vitamix 1732 Turboblend VS Blender Review

The health benefits of eating less processed and refined foods are well documented. However, preparing whole foods wasn’t always the easiest or best-tasting choice.

Owning a Vitamix 1732 Turbo Blend VS Blender changes all that forever. With the flip of a switch, you discover that creating delicious and healthy raw, vegan and vegetarian meals is easier that ever imagined. This innovative blender offers you more benefits than most brand in the market. It has been devised to provide you with the bio availability of whole foods.

It can pulverizes the leaves, peel, stems and all other valuable fiber in the outputs. No seeds, no grit, no ice chips, no chunks or foam, just creamy smoothness! You’ll love the fact that you no longer have to prep fruits or vegetables. Just cut them in half and throw them in. It can even crush the hard ice and reduce it to snow.

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Vitamix 1732 TurboBlend VS Blender series proudly presented a custom-designed blades made from stainless steel with precision crated laser-cut. This blade certainly won’t let you down and is excellent for both finely cutting for those delicate jobs as well as churning through those denser and tougher ingredients. Moreover, the blade equipped with sealed ball bearings. This technology intended to prevent any possible food and water penetration while it is turned on. Water leaking can lead to electrical short circuit.

The machine it self very powerful, 2 Peak Motor Horsepower, that propels the blade tip speed to 240-Mph (Miles per Hour). Combine with very swift cutting edge blade, this product is meant to blend the toughest of the ingredients.Not only the machine, there is also improvement on the container. It’s made from chemical-resistant and BPA-free materials, which is mean your family free from carcinogenic material.

Surely a big step for your family healthy enhancement, isn’t it? The container capacity can hold until 64-ounce liquid, make it able to serve few people in one batch. Such a time savings! The shatter-proof container is designed to create a powerful current flow that forces the ingredients waving up from the blades and back down the center for careful and systematic processing, result a very smooth non-foam mixture. Not to mention easy cleaning : one drop of soap plus a bit of warm water, turn it on, rinse and dry it!


Like the other Vitamix product, there is no pe-progammed setting. They always used Variable Speed Control that offers unlimited versatility in the home kitchen in one smooth motion. The blending result will be of a very high quality because you can choose a specific speed to best suit the task at hand.

The spill-proof Lid with Removable Lid Plug seals securely allowing ingredients to be added while process. Tamper design allows for processing thick, dense ingredients and prevents air pockets from forming. Very helpful when you’re making sticky peanut butter or jam. The base of the Vitamix 1732 turboblend vs blender is made out of metal, as is the connection to the blending container.

This metal to metal design makes this blender very durable indeed and it should certainly stand up to the rest of time and serve you for many years. This is a very expensive product so some little extras are appreciated. Vitamix have provided a recipe book to get you started with your new blender as well as a “let’s get started” instructional DVD!


I couldn’t find any mention of a manufacturer warranty to this product – but I’m sure there is one as this is a very high end and expensive blender. As far as I know, all the Vitamix blenders product have a long term warranty because they are very confident with their product quality. One of them even have 7 years warranty. However, if you should choose to buy from Amazon then you will definitely be covered by their policies and outstanding customer services.

Vitamix 1732 Turboblend VS Blender Features

  • Measures 20.2 x 9 x 8.8 inches; weights 10 pounds
  • Commercial-quality construction, perfect for everyday use
  • Variable speed control system permits more flexibility in operation and allows a creative chef to experiment with innovative food items
  • The spill-proof  lid with detachable lid plug seals the container firmly
  • Tamper-proof design helps to form thick, dense ingredients and it also checks air pockets from forming
  • BPA-free shatter resistant 64-ounce blending capacity container
  • A custom-designed blades made from stainless steel with precision crated laser-cut, very sharp
  • Efficient 2 peak motor horsepower
  • The product comes with recipe book and “Let’s get Started” dvd instructional video

Vitamix 1732 TurboBlend VS Blender Review- My Opinion

I am extremely excited for consumed healthy food, especially at the hottest summer! I can have fun with my Vitamix 1732 making delicious dishes or frozen drink. My favorite recipes are creamy fruit juice Popsicle with extra pieces of fresh fruits, banana covered with chocolate and finely ground almonds and awesome green smoothies. They all have fruits and vegetables, definitely good for health.

My family enjoyed them and constantly ask when I am going to make them again.  Now I can enjoyed a perfect summer breeze and watch everything turned out perfect!This is never happen with my old blender. All it can be done is making rough juice and become a kill joy in one of my summer party. But since I have Vitamix 1732 TurboBlend VS Blender, believe me, no disaster approach! This machine succeed me on serving great party treats in one of my party, and surely we will held it again this summer!

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Only one thing that become my regret is : I didn’t buy it sooner after I heard the information.

Truly, I put off buying a Vitamix for the longest time because of the price is quite expensive for me. But after I see its action,I’m happy to say it’s worth every single penny. I LOVE IT. It does everything I want, even the best sticky creamy peanut butter I’ve ever tasted for our breakfast every morning.I suggested, don’t waste your time and money on any other blender. If you have found to buy it, go ahead!

Really, it’s for those of you who are very enthusiastic about blending and who demand the highest quality results! Oh, and keep the box because its very useful to take on road trips.

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