The Proctor Silex Blender - A 7 Speed Blender with Unbeatable Value

The 57171 Proctor Silex Blender is a countertop jar blender with 7 speed blending. This unit packs 350 watts, which isn’t the brawniest of the bunch we’ve reviewed on Blender Benefits. It is, however, quite certainly the cheapest at under $20 and a great value if you are on a budget. College students and blender beginners can whet their palette’s on smoothies, shakes, soups and sauces while wetting their toes without taking the financial plunge of a higher-powered unit.

The 57171 Proctor Silex blender has a 48 ounce plastic jar has a comfortable handle and is very lightweight, almost to the point of concern for some users. The lid that can strain, pour or close completely, which is somewhat of a unique feature among blenders that we have reviewed. But why a strainer?

The Proctor Silex Blender - A 7 Speed Blender with Unbeatable Value

It seems like a nice addition until you dig a little deeper. The 7 speed blender is accompanied by a pulse option which can be used for crushing ice, a task that prompts a minority of owners to complain about inconsistent and somewhat lumpy results, even for just frozen berries. Some of these users claim this is because of the smaller blades not being able to reach the corners of the wide carafe to properly liquefy all the ingredients. Still, it should be pointed out that the great majority of users swore by their 57171 Proctor Silex Blender, saying it performs just as they hoped, at a price that they love. From Green Tomatillo Salsa to the Post-Workout Protein Shake, this blending puppy performs! The blade assembly comes apart and reattaches easily for quick clean up, although Proctor Silex states in the user manual that you shouldn’t clean it in the dishwasher.

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So if you are recently heartbroken by a burnt out unit or if you just need a starter blender, or even a spare one, for a price that’s painless, a Proctor Silex Blender is for you! And after all, if there ever are lumps in the mix, the strainer option does seem to come in handy.

Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive and Great Value!
  • Easy to clean.
  • 7 Speed Blender with Pulse


  • May not blend frozen items thoroughly, even after blending at length.Jar seems flimsy when full.
  • The Jar cannot be put in the dishwasher, according to the manufacturer.

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