Servings: 16

Weight Watcher Smart Points: 0

Preparation Time: 40 Minutes

Cooking Time: 15 Minutes

Ready In: 55 Minutes

Soups are nobody’s best friend when it comes to food, but I promise you will fall in love with this one. All you have to do is follow the recipe below.


  • Tomatoes - 2lb
  • Leek - 8 leaves
  • Carrots - 2
  • Courgettes -2
  • Parsley - 1 small bunch ( 2oz )
  • Rice - 4oz
  • Olive oil - 3-7 tsp
  • Salt and pepper


  1. 1. Clean and wash the leek leaves, carrots and courgettes. Save some leek leaves for later and chop the rest in tiny round pieces. Put little bit of olive oil into a soup pot and then add the grated carrots and courgettes and stifle them along with the leek for 3-4 minutes. After then, add 0.8gal lqd of hot water on top and let them boil at low heat. Partially put a lid on top.
  2. Peel off tomatoes, clean them up and put them into a blender. When the other vegetables are almost boiled, add the rice and the tomato paste into the pot and let them boil for 5 more minutes.
  3. When ready, season the soup with salt and pepper, sprinkle the parsley and add the rest of the chopped leek leaves.

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