Oster Blenders - We Compare Classic And Professional Blenders

The Classic Blender Brand That Continues To Amaze

Oster Blenders are affordable and reliable products designed by Oster. Most products do perform as promised, but as with all brands, there are one or two “bad apples” in the bunch. Consider this article a guide that tells you which blender is the best and the worst.

Built To Last

Blenders by Oster come in many different colors; however, black and chrome seem to be the combination of choice, and for good reason. Oster has an understanding of what is considered fashionable in the modern kitchen, and they strive to give that to customers. The majority of the Oster blender jars are made from glass and all feature metal blades and motors in order to make their products durable and lasting.

All blenders have at least a five cup capacity so users can make drinks for their whole family at one time. And their speeds range from 2 to 18, allowing the customer to find the right option to meet their needs. Like most small appliances, Oster blenders are dishwasher safe and come backed with warranties that range from one year to three. There are a few that are handheld and some that come with attachments, but most are made for the countertop.

Because of today’s economy, people want to spend as little money as possible on the products they enjoy, so Oster has created a slew of blenders with a price tags less than $100. That is why there is an Oster blender to fit every budget, whether you have $25 dollars to spend on a plastic jar blender, $40 to spend on a handheld blender, or $90 to spend on their more premium models.

The Highest Reviewed Oster Blender

When it comes down to performance, the overall best blender for the money is the Oster Counterforms BVLB07 because it has the following: blades that run in reverse, programmable settings, good looks of black and chrome, a high powered 600 watt motor, and the ability to act as a blender and food processor without the need for additional attachments. Although it is one of Oster’s pricier models at just under $90, comparable blenders can cost two or three times the amount.

Another worthy Oster product is the Oster BPST02 Professional Series Blender, the most powerful Oster blender on the market. This powerhouse is one of the highest rated and recommended blenders currently on the market. Sexy in design, the BPST02 is one of those Oster Blenders that can take on nearly any task and is extremely durable. This professional blender is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a quality blender that is backed by 100’s of positive reviews.

Not All Blenders Are Created Equal

As for the duds, there is one that should be avoided at all costs: the Oster Fusion BRLY07. This blender runs for around the same price as the Oster Counterforms, but has too many issues. Even though it performs pretty well and is a blender/food processor combo, people are unable to make as many beverages as promised because it won’t blend well when filled up, the jar has no way of securing to the base, which has caused messy leaks and wobbling.
The cost of their blenders are usually under $100.

For the most part, these blenders live up to their performance promises and no one can ever accuse Oster of making an ugly or strange looking blender; they are either classic or modern, and all are pleasing to the eye.

Oster seems to want to bring people tons of blending and speed options.

The blades and motors are all made from metal and run at powerful speeds, so their blenders can handle tough jobs, such as ice crushing.
The majority of jars are made from glass for durability.

Overall, an Oster blender is a smart choice. At their price point, the consumer get a lot of functionality and in most cases a long lasting kitchen appliance that will become an invaluable tool in their kitchen.

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Oster Blenders are affordable and reliable products designed by Oster. Most products do perform as promised, but as with all brands, there are one or two “bad apples” in the bunch. Consider this article a guide that tells you which blender is the best and the worst.

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