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Cuisinart blenders are an indispensable kitchen appliances. Both Julia Child and James beard let the world know how much they relied on their wonderful Cuisinart food processors. However, this commanding kitchen equipment company doesn’t make only food processors. Its line of blenders is extensive and versatile and worth your interest. Cuisinart is a brand name that is synonymous with blender quality so you can be confident that when purchasing one that you will have a unit that works well (with a couple cautionary exceptions).

All Cuisinart blenders come with a limited manufacturer warranty, which range in length by model. The units have parts that are dishwasher safe which means that cleanup is easy. Some parts wear down through normal wear and tear but unlike many other brands replacements are easy to find and even available directly from the manufacturer.

An overview of Cuisinart blenders is in order if you are considering purchasing a new Cuisinart blender for your home. You will need to analyze the four Ps to buying any kitchen appliance: purpose; power; portability and price. As you may very well imagine these characteristics are interconnected because power and purpose impact price.

What is going to be the primary function of your blender? Once you narrow this down you can analyze the different options below that are available to you. Be sure to read our full reviews at the bottom of this page and get the full story!

If You’re Looking For Portability

Although there are heavy duty immersion blenders that are restaurant quality, if your primary use of a hand held stick blender is to puree soups and sauces you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars. The Cuisinart CSB-76 Smart Stick Hand Blender is economical and can be used to puree fruits and vegetables for smoothies and soups. The 200-watt motor in the Cuisinart Smartstick is powerful enough puree frozen chunks of fruits.

The Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick Hand Blender with Whisk and Chopper Attachments uses the same power motor, but is clad in beautiful brushed stainless steel. The attachments do cost a small premium, but at the end of the day it offers a great value. You can’t go wrong with a Smartstick Cuisinart blenders: users love these immersion blenders because of their price, power, performance and portability.

If You’re looking for Versatility

If the primary purpose of buying your blender is to find one appliance that can be used as a blender and a food processor, then look at the Cuisinart BFP-703CH SmartPower Duet Blender/Food Processor. Cuisinart came up with a unit that combines a blender with a separate food processor container that fit on the same base so that you do not have to buy two appliances. However, this unit certainly has its fair share of cautionary tales. Read our full review here before you buy.

Let’s Party!

If you have determined that the primary use of your blender will be to make frozen concoctions, then consider the Cuisinart SmartPower Premier 600-Watt Blender. It has a powerful 600-watt motor that easily crushes ice, an essential component of Margaritas and Daiquiris. Of course with a larger motor you are giving up portability. This Cuisinart blender is only modestly reviewed, and there are better Cuisinart blenders any buyer should focus on like the one below.

A better option is the Cuisinart CBT-700 Die-Cast 700-Watt Blender. If you throw a lot of parties in the summer or if you fancy yourself to be a bartender extraordinaire, take a look at. It is a top of the line bar-quality blender. Its main feature is the turbo six-sided blade that instantly crushes ice. This particular model features a 700-watt motor and a 56-ounce jar capacity. It has pre-programmed timers to ensure ice and smoothies are crushed and pureed to perfection.

More Cuisinart Reviews

The SmartStick Hand Blender – The bottom line here is that both of these blenders are highly and widely adored by owners and provide good construction, quality and performance at a very good price. You truly can’t go wrong with a Cuisinart Smartstick hand blender.

The PowerEdge Cuisinart Blender – The CBT-700 Poweredge Cuisinart Blender is a bar quality blender that looks great in any kitchen with its brushed stainless steel die cast base. This high rated and popular 700-watt countertop cyclone machine is sure to satisfy!

The Cuisinart SmartPower Blender – The CBT-500 Cuisinart SmartPower Blender comes clad in attractive brushed stainless steel and sports a massive 600-watt motor that will… Wait, what’s that smell?

Cuisinart Duet Blender Food Processor – The Cuisinart Duet blender and food processor system brings together both of these indispensable kitchen taskmasters onto a single versatile base driver unit. But is it worth your money? We find out!

Cuisinart Blenders, Sleek and Smart Power for Your Kitchen – The Cuisinart Blender line features Poweredge and SmartPower, both boasting preprogrammed cycles that certainly show off their smart power.

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